Better life and stronger performance

The Secrets of Body Language

Learn how to interpret the body language of the people around you while perfecting your own nonverbal communication.

A groundbreaking ring that ensures you stay on track with your health & wellness goals.

Other wearables like FitBit and Jawbone only measure your calorie burn, without measuring your calorie intake. Knowing both is crucial if you want to lose weight or just live healthy.
BioRing measures both, giving you a detailed breakdown of the food you are eating and helping you manage your weight - all in a revolutionary small size with sleek Scandinavian design.

BioRing is the next generation of wellness technology.


THE M is a unique piece of furniture that can be transformed according to your mood, lifestyle and need. Use it as a couch, a daybed, a lounge chair or outside on the terrace. You can even use it as a cozy and elegant headboard for your bed.

The leather straps make THE M easy to move around and shape according to your mood. They also serve as loops for wall mounting if used as a headboard.

Made to look like the original gym mat introduced in gyms all over Europe and at the Olympics in the mid-1930s, THE M has been redesigned and reinvented in the finest aniline leather.